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Independent Insurance Agency

The Hogan Agency | Independent Insurance Agency

Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance for your Motorcycle

Insuring motorcycles are important to protect you from damages to your vehicle as well as your liability for damage you may cause to someone else.

Hogan Agency | Motorcycle Insurance

The Hogan Agency
Personal Insurance

Home Insurance

The Hogan Agency has a variety of insurance companies who offer homeowners policies to protect your home, contents and liability. Renters can also purchase protection for their contents and liability. Flood insurance must be purchased separately. These packages will also provide some coverage for additional living expenses you may incur following a total loss.

Auto Insurance

Insurance for your car and truck

If you own an automobile it is required by law to carry liability insurance. Liability covers the bodily injury and property damage you cause in an accident up to the limits you purchase. When you buy auto insurance, you need to be sure you buy adequate limits to fully protect you and your assets.

Comprehensive and collision coverage can also be purchased and will fix your car when damaged in accident. Deductibles apply to these coverages.

Uninsured Motorist coverage can be included in your insurance package to help pay for your bodily injury or physical damage to your car if the accident is caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

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Insurance for Home Owners and Renters

Hogan Agency | Homeowner and renter Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance

Insurance for Mobile Home Owners

Mobile home owners’ policies provide protection similar to the homeowner policies that cover the mobile home and contents for loss as well as protection for personal liability.

Hogan Agency | Mobile Home Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Insurance for RV’s, ATV’s, Boats, jet skis

Families can own may types of recreational vehicles that need insurance coverage. These can be; ATV’s, motor homes, travel trailers, boats or jet skis.

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Personal Insurance Umbrella

A personal umbrella policy can provide added protection from a major liability claim.

Life Health Disability Insurance

Life, Health or Disability Insurance will provide protection for the future of your family and are an important consideration.

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